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LOST IN TRANSMISSION: Dick Lucas passed away november 2019 and left instructions in a small notebook: “Thoughts about the mess in my legacy …”. This is our interpretation.
Music Casper Lucas, editing Jellie Dekker.
Data-Records/Data-Images, 2023.

DUÆL, a dance movie full of contradiction, featuring Kenzo Kusuda, explores how dance improvisation is transformed through different worlds. The dancer experiences unexpected encounters as the borders between the natural and the artificial are blurred. What is real, who is where, and where does this journey lead him?
Dance: Kenzo Kusuda, Dagmar Dekker, Moriah Dekker, Music: Jacob Lucas, Camera: Jellie Dekker, Daniel Gallenkamp, Sound design: Casper Lucas, Directed by Jellie Dekker.
A Data-Images Production 2021.

Short dance movie by dancer/choreographer Jaap Flier.
An old dancer looks back at his life. He bows a hand, turns his torso. A virtuoso past shimmers subtly through. Without mirrors he watches himself: reflecting, moving. A small carpet is his own room and his stage, wherever he puts it.
Music: Jacob Lucas, Camera: Daniel Gallenkamp, Directed by Jellie Dekker.
A DATARECORDS Production 2016.

Composed in 2011 by Dutch composer/piano player Guus Janssen for the Mondriaan String Quartet.
The Mondriaan painting “Victory Boogie Woogie” is part of the composition. Performed by Jan Erik van Regteren Altena- violin, Edwin Blankenstijn – violin, Annette Bergman – viola, Eduard van Regteren Altena – violoncello, and Guus Janssen – piano and VJ.
Blue Yellow & Red Notes is recorded on 16-10-2012 at the Philharmonie, Haarlem.
Camera – Daniël Gallenkamp, Bert Koenderink (Mondriaan painting), Audio – Dick Lucas, Montage & Direction – Jellie Dekker.

An impression of a ballerina rehearsing. In the intimacy of the studio she strives for perfection but gradually her focus is directed to the sound of her point shoes. The image of timeless ethereal dance beauty is attacked by the rawness of images, editing and music.
Camera: Daniel Gallenkamp, Sound design: Raven Bros, Choreography: Michael Schumacher.
Produced by The Dutch National Ballet, directed & edited by Jellie Dekker.

Bamboo structures – designed by Maria Blaisse – are moved by bodies and wind. This short film is entirely improvised, and was filmed on the beach and in the dunes of Terschelling.
Dance: Marcela Gieschke and Kenzo Kusuda, Music: Maartje ten Hoorn, Audio: Dick Lucas, Directed by Jellie Dekker. 

The film is based upon a music composition by Mayke Nas & Wouter Snoei, written for four percussionists, four chairs en four amplified black boards with interactive electronics.
The work derives from the theater text “Selbstbeschuldiging”by author Peter Handke. In a pages long summary of all kinds of bad habits, sins and misdemaenours, human morality is intrepidly dissected and anatomized.
Performed by Slagwerk Den Haag (The Hague Percussion), released on the DVD PARADE, directed & edited by Jellie Dekker.